Government Reform & Ending Corruption

The power in our government should reside in the people, not corporations and special interests. For too long, government has only served the privileged few, and it’s time to get it back to serving everyday Americans. I am committed to rooting out corruption and restoring the rule of law to our government.

  • Increase transparency in elections. While candidates for elected office have to disclose all donors that contribute over $200, so called Super PACs or “dark money” groups are not required to do so. I would support any legislation that requires outside groups that spend money to influence elections to disclose all their donors. Furthermore, digital advertising in elections should be held to the same disclosure rules as television, mail, and radio.
  • Support a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United. Dark money has a corrupting influence on our government. I strongly support any effort to curb and eventually stop the influence that super PACs have on our elections. Until we can get rid of super PACs, we should make sure they are as transparent as possible, and make them fully disclose their donors and ads.
  • Reduce the number of career politicians. I fully support enacting term limits on members of Congress. Furthermore, we need to put an end to the revolving door in government. Congress should not be a stepping stone to a cushy lobbying job and I support a lifetime ban on Congresspeople becoming lobbyists. There should not even be the perception that a vote is taken to earn favor with a special interest group.
  • Improve voter access and protect election security. There should be as few barriers to voting as possible. I support HR 1 which would, among other things, make Election Day a holiday and make it easier for the public to vote. Furthermore, we need to take steps to ensure our voting machines are secure and accurate.
  • Protect and advance voting rights. We need to end partisan gerrymandering. We must preserve and expand the voting franchise. Van Taylor voted against the Voting Rights Advancement Act of 2019 because he is happy with current efforts to suppress full and fair voting. We need representatives that believe in strong and expansive voting rights and that will fight against efforts at suppressing the vote.
  • Get money out of politics. Our elected officials need to listen to the will of the people, not special interests. I am not and will not take any corporate PAC money and will fight for legislation to remove the undue influence of money in politics.

Everyone can agree that we need to get special interests out of politics and get our government working for us again. If we remove corruption in our government, commonsense, bipartisan legislation becomes so much easier to enact.