North Texans need a Representative that understands that climate change is a real threat to our community. It is the existential crisis of our time and we should use every tool at our disposal to address the problem. We should not see fighting climate change as a burden, but an opportunity. Texas has always been a leader in energy, and we can be a leader in lucrative, green, sustainable, and clean energy. We’re already doing it with wind energy, but we can do more. In Congress I will:

  • Invest in clean, sustainable energy Texas has the opportunity to be the leader in 21st century, high paying, clean jobs. It is estimated that we spend over $20 billion in subsidies to the fossil fuel industry. That should be shifted to new, innovative, clean energy. We need to work with the private sector to encourage research and innovation and provide incentives for new technologies to be implemented right here in Texas.
  • Restore and protect the EPA and NOAA In Congress, I would work to restore and strengthen the ability of the EPA and NOAA to keep our environment and communities safe. I’ve seen firsthand how bad corporate actors can take advantage of hard working, everyday people, and I am committed to making sure they don’t do the same to the places we live. We should impose heavier restrictions on HFC superpollutants and ensure that new building construction is done with new and aggressive environmental benchmarks.
  • Implement market-based solutions in tandem with emission regulations. The threat of climate change is too important of an issue and the threat is too serious not to consider all our options. The status quo is evidence that a purely market-oriented approach to addressing the climate issue is insufficient. But markets can be ruthlessly effective if properly regulated and supported. I would support efforts to tax the price of carbon while at the same time working to establish federal clean energy standards that create both uniformity and certainty in America’s approach to confronting the climate crisis.
  • Rejoin the Paris Climate Change Accords I would do everything I can in Congress to ensure America rejoins the Climate Accords and work with the international community to protect our planet. America must be a global leader on climate change and we should not shirk our responsibility to the planet.

This is an issue that affects all Texans, regardless of political affiliation. We all live in this community and deserve a Representative committed to protecting our environment for our children and grandchildren.