Jobs & The Economy

Collin County’s economy has been growing remarkably fast over the past ten years. But we must remain vigilant to ensure we improve the economy for those still hurting and prepare for an inevitable downturn in the business cycle. To ensure our economy gets better for everyone and stays strong, we need to protect workers, invest in education and infrastructure, and ensure equal rights for all.

  • Invest in our infrastructure. With North Texas booming in development, we need to make sure our roads and bridges can handle the increased traffic. With greater investments in infrastructure, we can connect jobs with people and make Collin County an even more attractive destination for employers. A more efficient and modernized infrastructure will increase Collin County’s and North Texas’s productivity and growth rates.
  • Invest in sustainable, green energy. Texas can be and should be the nation’s leader in green, sustainable energy from solar to wind. We can create a cleaner future for our children and ensure there are plenty of high paying jobs here in our community.
  • Protect workers’ rights. Only by standing together can we address the growing inequality between working families and those at the top. The right of all workers to organize and collectively bargain is important to me and I would oppose any effort that limits or takes away from collective bargaining rights. There is a reason that the middle class is being hollowed out and income inequality is skyrocketing – a steady assault on labor rights. We must work to reverse this trend to ensure the economy grows for everyone, not just those at the top.
  • Raise the minimum wage. Texas has not increased its minimum wage in decades and it’s time companies paid their workers a fair wage. Years of stagnant wage growth have deepened and worsened economic inequality. I support increasing the federal minimum wage to help hard working people worry less about caring for themselves or their families.
  • Enact paid parental leave and greater access to child care. When families succeed, our economy succeeds. No one should ever be forced to choose between supporting their family and their job. Enacting parental leave and greater access to child care, parents can stay in the workforce and help drive the economy forward.
  • Equal pay for equal work. It’s unfathomable that women get paid less than men for the same work. And that gap only increases with non-white women. We need to make sure that people get paid equally for their work, regardless of background./li>
  • Invest in education and jobs training. North Texas is booming with a job friendly environment. However, we have to make sure everyone in our community has access to the education and training required to fill these jobs. Whether that’s an advanced degree or skills learned at a community college or with an apprenticeship, we need to work with the private sector to match supply with demand. With an educated workforce, Collin County can become a hub of innovation and economic growth for years to come.
  • Protect and expand Social Security. Seniors who’ve worked their whole lives and paid into the system should not have to worry about their Social Security benefits. I will fight to protect Social Security, which so many of our seniors depend on. President Trump’s 2020 budget proposes massive cuts to both Social Security and Medicare. We must have a representative that is willing to fight for Social Security and stand up to President Trump. Van Taylor will not.