Sean McCaffity was raised in Garland with a Texas work ethic, middle-class values, and a family rooted in faith.


He was raised by his dad, a print production manager, and mom, a bookkeeper. Sean had a typical Texas childhood. He sang in the church choir and went to public schools. He found his passion in debate, where he learned to love public policy and exploring the issues facing our nation. When Sean got into Northwestern University, his family dug deep to help him afford
tuition: his parents cashed in retirement savings, while Sean earned a debate scholarship and took out thousands in student loans. Sean went on to become a two-time national debate champion, and never forgot the sacrifices his parents made for him to follow his dreams.

After college, Sean knew he wanted to help regular folks who struggle to get justice in a system stacked against them. He knew that while the biggest corporations could always enlist a team of high-priced lawyers, regular folks needed a fighter in their corner.

So, Sean went to Baylor University School of Law and dedicated his career to standing up for the little guy, taking on shady businesses who exploited and swindled families and seniors.

When a pharmaceutical company put profits over people, and sold a dangerous drug that made seniors go blind, Sean helped take them on in court and helped get the drug removed. When a crooked corporation tricked seniors into investing in land they knew had zero natural gas, oil, or value, Sean worked with the team that exposed and unwound the scam. They took them to court, returned investors’ money, and worked with law enforcement to ensure the CEO was fairly sentenced. And when a local billion-dollar corporation collapsed because crooked officers committed an accounting fraud to personally enrich themselves and North Texans lost jobs, Sean held the self-dealing executives accountable and made them pay.


Sean has spent his career fighting corporate excess and corruption and he believes the best business is fair business, which means he looks out for both shareholders and employees. When Texans were wrongly fired, Sean took their cases, and fought tooth and nail for justice. Sean lives his life by the Golden Rule: proudly standing up for those who have nowhere else to turn.

As a guest speaker at his church, Sean gives sermons frequently rooted in fairness and centered around helping those in need – two principles Congress has forgotten. He’s running for Congress to remind DC politicians who they’re supposed to serve – North Texans. He’s running because following a political party has become more important than doing what’s right—and the only people Washington is helping are big-money donors. He’s committed to bringing people together to solve our biggest challenges: to bolster our democracy, ensure everyone can afford to see a doctor when they’re sick, strengthen every school across Texas, help Texas businesses create jobs for Texans, and invest in our roads and bridges.

Sean lives in Lucas with his wife and three daughters.