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  • The only candidate that supports Medicare for All

  • The only candidate that will fight for a 100% green energy economy by 2035

  • Pass real police and criminal justice reform to stop police brutality

  • End qualified immunity, to hold cops liable for excessive force & brutality

  • Fight to make coronavirus testing and treatment free

As an attorney, Sean has spent 20 years fighting powerful special interests like insurance and pharmaceutical companies and has taken down corrupt CEOs. He'll stand up to special interests and lobbyists in DC to get things done for everyday people.



Sean McCaffity was raised in Garland with a Texas work ethic, middle-class values, and a family rooted in faith.


He was raised by his dad, a print production manager, and mom, a bookkeeper. Sean had a typical Texas childhood. He sang in the church choir and went to public schools. He found his passion in debate, where he learned to love public policy and exploring the issues facing our nation. When Sean got into Northwestern University, his family dug deep to help him afford tuition: his parents cashed in retirement savings, while Sean earned a debate scholarship and took out thousands in student loans. Sean went on to become a two-time national debate champion, and never forgot the sacrifices his parents made for him to follow his dreams.



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